jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

November 2012 Elections

While reading my ballot with all the names of all the candidates to different government positions, it occurred to me that I should vote for all of those with "Hispanic" names or last names. That should assure me that they are "more like me", and that they will actually be on my side and defend my and my family's interests and values, right? Maybe even more so, if those candidates have Mexican ancestors... I was born and raised in Mexico!! Having brown skin (like mine) would be a plus.

Ha, ha, ha! Totally kidding!! How silly would it be for anyone to vote for any candidate based merely on the color of their skin, "race" (don't like this term so much, too vague, very much misused), or heritage? It would really be silly of me or anybody to not research candidates and the work they have actually done, and what issues they have supported or not, during their career.

Even if my daughters and myself have dual citizenship and are proudly Mexican, as much as we are American citizens, I could not vote for someone only because they are Mexican-American too. I would not feel compelled to vote for someone just because they look like me, or their parents were born where I was born. That obviously, does not mean they are prepared for the job, or that they will represent me, and what's important to me.

Who's cooler? That's important! I am going to have to go back and re-think my vote based on their level of coolness.

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