domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

I love babies!

I love babies. I love my babies, and my friends' babies. I love new born babies, and unborn babies. I love big babies, tiny babies, petite babies, and chunky babies.
I love babies' laughter, smiles, eyes, ears, hands, and toes.
I love it when babies hug their parents. I love it when babies hug me.
I love babies' hugs, innocent looks, and helpless trust. I love babies' pictures, and books about babies too.
I love all the babies I have babysat, and the the babies I will babysit. I love hanging out with my baby; and I love telling my girls stories about themselves as babies.
I love my babies' videos and memories.
I love babies. I don't like it when they cry, or suffer. I love it when babies are happy and healthy. I want all babies to be happy, healthy, protected, and hopefully they will grow up and will also love babies, like I do :).

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