lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Girl Scout Cookies

It is that time of the year again, when everywhere you go, you will be tempted to buy girl scout cookies... Most of them are not even that good, I would rather spend $3.50 on a different treat, but I have to admit I really like the Samoas. I have tried them all so far, and most of them are dry and not better than a generic brand cookie from the store. However, year by year, I can't say no to neighbors, and friend's daughters selling them.

When several people suggested Blyss should join the Girl Scouts I immediately thought of selling these cookies, and who would end up really selling most of them (probably me), so I decided against one more activity in our already way too busy schedules. One of the things I least enjoy in life is to sell (anything). I am not a sales person, and do not wish to sell girl scout cookies. I am already seeing all these moms working hard to help their little girls sell as many cookies as they can, as if that will really help these girls be better women in the future... Sorry, but I don't think so. Keep selling if you enjoy the activity, and keep trying to convince yourself and people around you, that your daughter will be a better adult if they buy more cookies.

I will enjoy my Samoas, while I watch Blyss and Allegra play freely at the park.

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