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If you ever pray, please pray for Isaac, my friend Yara’s 4 year old son. Lymphoma is one of the most common types of cancer in children, and he was diagnosed with it about 14 months ago, when he was still 3 years old.

Isaac is a normal 4 year old boy, who is excited to celebrate his 5th birthday in a couple of weeks. Isaac, his 2 year old brother Jacob, and his parents Homero and Yara, seem to be “used to” their lives, fighting against Isaac’s illness.

This morning I talked to my dear friend Yara, and she was very excited to announce that they only have two go to the hospital for chemotherapy about every two months, instead of every couple of weeks, like they used to. She also told me they try not to ask too many questions, since they are afraid of what the answer will be. They would rather just take it on day at the time, one treatment at the time, always with the hope that everything they are doing is helping Isaac and he will soon be all right and back to normal…. Whatever is normal in this case. As far as Isaac remembers, his life revolves around hospital visits, tests, and needles poking his arms and back. That was the hardest thing at first.- getting used to the needles. He used to cry every time they saw a needle… who wouldn’t? I still do, but he does not any more. He has grown to be a strong, brave and very mature four year old boy…. He had to.

His best friends are other kids he has met at the hospital who travel there from different parts of Mexico for the same treatment, and he has grown to love the nurses and doctors who help them when he is there.

He asked his parents he wanted to go to school; so every time he’s strong and healthy enough to leave the house, he attends a preschool near his home, in Monterrey, Mexico.

I often wonder how different life is for Jacob, his little brother. People usually ask about Isaac when they talk to their parents. Isaac has been in people’s prayers and thoughts all this time, but what about Jacob? Pray for him too please!

Like other little boys, Isaac and Jacob love Toy Story, Cars, Superman, Spiderman and other super heroes. Isaac’s favorite character is Buzz Lightyear, so every time Blyss sees Buzz at the store, she says: “That’s the guy Isaac loves!” A year ago, after attending Disney on Ice with daddy, Blyss told us next time she would like Isaac to go with her. Blyss is looking forward to the show again this year, but Isaac won’t be able to make it. We really hope he will next year!

If you would like to learn more about Isaac, visit his blog! –It’s in Spanish, but you can see his pictures
Isaac Vazquez Yáñez's blog

Isaac and Blyss when they were babies
My friend Yara holding Blyss, my cousin Paty, and my niece Daniela

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